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Pandora's Box


The end of our natural world as we know it begins with Pandora's Box. The legend foretells, Pandora held a box (actually a jar =pithos), known today as Pandora's Box, which contained all the world's evils. She was told to never open the jar; however, she could not resist peeking into the container, and upon opening...

Prison Planet


An apocalyptic Reveal for the Post-Pandemic world to come. The Absolute Control the ONE WORLD Government will have at the End of Days. Scientifically revealed and uncovered infamously known as Chemtrails.

Quantum biology is an emerging field; most of the current research is theoretical and subject to questions that require further experimentation. Though the field has only recently received an influx of attention, it has been conceptualized by physicists all throughout the 20th century. Quantum biology has been deemed to be the practice and...

Human Heirs


The Word of God shows us that YHWH's creation of Heaven, Earth, and all things was from the lowest to the highest, with man being created last; falling on the sixth day. Prior to Mankind another created entity was in existence - angels. They have been shrouded in mystery since the beginning of time. Mankind however, is an enigma...

A COMPUTER MODEL developed in 1973 by a team of MIT researchers has predicted the "end of civilized life as we know it" by 2040, with a major change coming in 2020 - that's just two years away from now. The programme nicknamed World One has superficially foretold humanity's fate.

There exists a secret so powerful, so vastly outstanding, so extraordinary that it escapes the minds of even the very elect. It is the Secret of Human Life which I call "pieces" of Life. There are only 7 Pieces of Life to obtain and every soul of the 7 billions inhabiting this Earth is yearning to have them all.

Storm Area 51


What would happen if a crowd of 100,000 people stormed the gates of Area 51 looking for aliens, and all of them ran really fast with their arms outstretched behind them? Well according to the Facebook post it's more covert than what it sounds. Rest assure, attendees are in for a startling revelation. Area 51 isn't a place for humankind....

A video captured by Michigan news outlet WWMT's live webcam appears to show a large, serpentine object amidst the choppy waters of Lake Michigan. Something slithers beneath the surface of the Great Lakes and it's not a sea lamprey.

When most people think of the "Big One," they often think about an earthquake caused by the San Andreas Fault. However, there's actually a more dangerous fault called the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, also known as the Cascadia Fault, is almost 700 miles long and stretches the west coast of North America from Vancouver...

The loss of a loved one is life's most stressful event and can cause a major emotional crisis. After the death of someone you love, you experience bereavement, which literally means "to be deprived by death." But what makes it more difficult to cope with is the uncertainty of where exactly is that loved one in the afterlife? Heaven,...