T I M E TRAVELER'S Conspiracy


As with many alleged time travelers from the future, John Titor came with a load of predictions about the world to come. Civil war, technological catastrophe and an outbreak of a deadly virus. Now in the year 2018, a new "Time Traveler" has come to give us his own remarkable story as well as a glimpse of our future. But could this TIME Traveler from the Year 6000 be telling the truth? Or is it just another elaborate hoax? If so, could this fabrication actually be a manifestation of our STRANGER THAN FICTION simulation?


In the year 2014, SP Unveiled the bizarre Search for Time Travelers

Searching the Internet for evidence of time travelers: MUT

Time travelers, if they exist amongst us, have yet to betray their period-hopping ways online, according to a fun, new study aimed at finding visitors from another time, based on their digital footprints.


Theoretically, the idea of time travel forward in time should be possible according to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. In fact, scientists have already sent teensy particles called muons forward in time. But sending a large object, such as an entire person, into the future remains in the echelons of science fiction.

8,4,4,8,4,4,4,8,8,4,8 ?!

Soul Traveling with Nikola Tesla

  Might have the Time Traveling experiment taken by John Titor been an "out of body experience" known by the ancients as soul traveling?

SCIENCE is about to break open a wormhole of questions.

A real Time Traveler?

Brian Greene, professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University and co-founder of the World Science Festival, explains what we know about time travel so far. Following is a transcript of the video.

I'm Brian Greene, professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University and co-founder of the World Science Festival. It's critical that you realize that there are two types of time travel, and they are radically different. Time travel to the future? Definitely possible. We know how to do it because Einstein showed us the way over a hundred years ago.

If time travel is possible, why haven't we met any time travelers? This was the question Stephen Hawking advanced on the topic of time warps. But it misses something:

What if we have met time travelers without even knowing it? Or what if we've met them, but didn't believe them?

It was in the year 2000, on November 2, that a man calling himself John Titor logged onto an obscure internet discussion board and posted this message:

"Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975."

This Time Traveler was later deemed a hoax - and not even an elaborate one.

Time Traveler brings a Message: 

Exhibit A: Time Traveler speaks of a future and doesn't mention the existence of Aliens?!

  • Aliens/fallen angels are "prophesied" to come and change the world.

Exhibit B: Time Traveler speaks of a future where Artificial Intelligence Takes Over?!

  • A.I. has taken over Earth, Humans are "slaves" to their superior foresight. Able to detect and stop human wars before they happen.
Time Travel can be accomplished with GOD.
Matthew 19:26 - with God all things are possible.
Acts 8:39 - the Spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away.
Acts 8:40 Philip found himself farther north . . .

TIME TRAVELER: Someone who travels through the past and present. Whether it is through an object, at will, or using worm holes. A time traveler can visit any time in the past, present, or future.

This Time Traveler sends a frequency from the Year 4932 to 2018. This is possible, since no physical matter or living substance needs to be "teleported" through Time. Instead a voice recording is sent and made to transcend Space and Time.

A Multiverse and the Science of Time Travel

The universe we live in may not be the only one out there. Though the concept may stretch credulity, there's good physics behind it. And there's not just one way to get to a multiverse - numerous physics theories independently point to such a conclusion. In fact, some experts think the existence of hidden universes is more likely than not.


Scientists can't be sure what the shape of space-time is, but most likely, it's flat (as opposed to spherical or even donut-shape) and stretches out infinitely. But if space-time goes on forever, then it must start repeating at some point, because there are a finite number of ways particles can be arranged in space and time.

So, if you look far enough, you would encounter another version of you - In fact, infinite versions of you and (the nameless man). His "act of greater good" may have been in vain. Since, his existence in the year 4932 doesn't realize it lives among other "copies" of himself encompassing the Multiverse.

This Time Traveller later reveals that he was part of an experiment.

  • He was sent back in time and to the future but could not interact with it.
  • His Mind while inside NIKOLA TESLA was sent back in Time.
  • His eyes saw the Future/Past but his body stayed in the Machine.
  • His eyes took photographs and the machine printed them out.

What makes his experience/story believable is NIKOLA TESLA, the name of the Time Machine was also mentioned by another Time Traveller.

  • He also describes the Time Machine as a "pod."

Subjects were placed in the machine surrounded with "glowing blue goo".

This type of Time Travel isn't actually Time Travel but a Soul Travel. It allows the human mind to see into the past, present, and future and travel through the Timeline.

"I saw the Past, Present and Future at the same time."

In fact, Nikola Tesla himself experienced Time Travel. One night Nikola was doing an experiment on himself with electricity. When something impossible happened.

He was transported outside the veil of Space-time.

Nikola Tesla was conducting research in 1895 and this was when he got the first indication that space and time might be influenced by using a highly magnetic field.

Year 2018, 2030, 4932, 6000 are all Intertwined?

They connect or link closely together in the multiverse.

Another idea that arises from string theory is the notion of "braneworlds" - parallel universes that hover just out of reach of our own.


Your future is already set as past, present and FUTURE simultaneously exist. Welcome to the ZERO-Point Field!


EVERYTHING for you is already planned out and your destiny has already been decided, according to an astonishing theory which claims that time does not pass, but rather everything is ever-present.

This means there are "multiple" versions of you in existence simultaneously "living" and populating the Universe.

The theory, mustered up by Dr Bradford Skow, an associated professor of philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), states that if we were to "look down" on the universe, we would see time and events spread out in all directions.

Unraveling Revelation


Are Not with Us but in their own world/timeline, where Artificial Intelligence takes over their Earth and/or Aliens never disrupted their world - and more importantly, God does not return.

Sure, the philosopher proved the existence of God. But that timeline was untouched by God. The masses only believed in a supreme deity.  


In the Book of Revelation GOD says, "He will come and return to OUR world." If this is any indication of a prophesied event . . .


At the very end, all that exists in the universe, and all its braneworlds, will be wiped away from existence.

The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done will be exposed

- 2 Peter 3:10.

The Time Traveler is from a generated Future, existing in the Multiverse, his message was sent to our Time for a purpose. Unfortunately, his Matrix is set to be deleted but not forgotten.

Universe 1 Universe 2 and Infinite

If there are parallel universe-sized Holograms, parallel worlds, and if this world/universe is in deed a Hologram . . . Then, does that mean there is something out there generating Universe all over the place? And if so, was this rendering already created since the beginning?! Surely, an omnipotent being can do that. 

Part II Time Codes (2019)